Thursday, April 11, 2013

Welcome numero quatro...

Today we were able to welcome the fourth little angel into our home. (Well I suppose one could argue that he has been there for awhile but just had a few layers between us that have been removed). He is healthy strong and happy. Mommy is doing fantastic. Daddy is grateful that he could make it (and frankly at this point a little under nourished since the hospital only feeds Momma).
Hyrum Slade Curtis 
Born: April 10, 2013 @ 5:09pm
Hieght: 21 inches (still under debate)
Weight: 7.9 lbs
Circumcised: Complete (slept through it)

Friday, November 30, 2012


Ammon has WAY too much fun at work.
 We have a monthly girls' lunch and I always forget to take a picture.
 First picture and it's a boy!
 Just playing
 Bela figures out how to blow bubbles in the bath. Genius!
 Cosette keeps climbing!
 Gideon's ranch field trip.

 Puppet show with the Curtis' and the Gillespie's were still in town.

 Thanksgiving in San Diego at the Stevens.

 Ammon's birthday "cake": a layered banana cream pie truffle.

Ammon got spoiled for his birthday. His family even watched the kids so I could sneak him out to breakfast and a movie that morning.

Gideon's fall festival:

 Grandpa even sat in the back!! So cool!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Bela invites Daddy to her field trip.
 A hangout for Grandpa Wade's 85th birthday!
 No, she's not in pain. She was singing at the top of her lungs while she painted.

 Documenting Cosette's first ever "bed-head" and Bela gets in on the action.

 Grandma Suey teaches Cosette patty-cake.

 Cosette's 1st Birthday!

Most ADORABLE wake-up picture EVER!
A handmade raggedy-ann doll from Gramma Suey

 The cupcake:


The Ladybug:
The "Revolutionary War Soldier on George Washington's team" (Yes, all his idea)
 Gillespie's came down for Halloween.  We had a blast carving pumpkins and making homemade donuts.

 Pregnancy announcement:

Ammon actually had school on Halloween night, so we sent him a little love to let him know we missed him.

Sunday, September 30, 2012


Bela's first sewing project. A small quilt.

 Gideon's 6th birthday. No party this year. He opted for a more expensive gift.
 Faking his wake-up since I missed it.

 Bela got him a giant roll of paper and markers. Entertained them for hours.
 We got him a remote control helicopter
 Grandpa Ken and Grandma Suey got him a nerf gun.

 Mysterious love notes start showing up in Gideon's backpack.
 Shopping with the girls.
 Gilbert constitutional fair.
 Cosette at 11 months.

 First maternity pics of baby #4