Monday, October 24, 2011

A waiting game!

Nearly three weeks after the doctor told us, "any day now..." We find our selves back at the doctor's office again. He is a fantastic doctor and asks if we want to wait or schedule an induction. We opt for the induction and are scheduled for the following day at 3am. Apparently baby didn't like this schedule because before we left Nikaela's water broke. We then rescheduled for today. 
Now at the hospital, we wait while the penicillin takes it's course. The penicillin needs to be in Nikaela's system for 4 hours before birth for the baby's safety. So to kill the time we went for a stroll around the neighborhood. Nikaela picked up a new outfit and accessories for our walk. No doubt, you are wondering where you could get the same?.... There is a '3-for1' deal  going on right now at Banner Gateway for a limited time only. Two IV's and a gown for 1 baby (only while supplies last)!
- Ammon

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