Friday, June 1, 2012

Little Shoppers

I seriously LOVE taking my kids to run errands.  Of course, there are the occasional nightmares, but most of the time they are just so cute about what they want to stop and look at, or ask me the funniest questions about why I am debated over which brand of toilet paper to buy. Plus I am usually laser focused on my list and get in and out much quicker than when I am by myself. browsing. for. ever. Yesterday I took them to Target and I couldn't find any good salad nuts.  I had already dragged them up and down the same aisles 3 or 4 times so I told them to look at the cereal for a few minutes while I hunted down the nuts. Not 2 minutes after I left them drooling over the Great Wall of Cereal, I heard their voices echoing across the grocery section. "MO--OM!  We're coming!!" Hoping to end the embarrassment as quickly as possible I exited the aisle the direction I thought I heard their voices.  Before I saw them, I saw their entourage of helpers.  Random shoppers guiding two little kids laden down with, not 1, not 2, but 4 boxes of cereal each. The boxes were pinned under arms between knees and clutched by little tiny fingers. It was such an adorable sight. I wish I could have grabbed a picture fast enough but I had to help them load their loot. Lucky for me, Target cereal prices ROCK!

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  1. The mental image is AWESOME! But it is a shame you couldn't grab a photo. I would love to see the looks on the faces of their "helpers". You do have wonderful children and they have a wonderful mom.