Friday, August 31, 2012


We went up to Utah for the last of summer vacation.
And spent a few days hanging with Grandpa and Grandma Gillespie.
Enjoying the beautiful weather...

 Making fun recipes
 This is all we ever see of Bela when we're up there because she'll spend the whole time playing with neighbors and just peek in every once and while to say hi.
 Found some old pom poms in Grandma's stash.

 Ammon shows his studliness and constructs a SWEET bottle rocket launcher.

Crafts with Grandma...
 Stories with Grandpa

Then, we went up to Midway to meet up with the Curtis' for a family reunion...

Cousins reunited! +Cosette has a huge mouth.
 Talent show. Bela sings You Don't Know You're Beautiful
 And Gideon does kung fu moves.
 At the lake... We filled that boat to capacity.
 Sleeping babies and Mommas.
 No, we didn't actually tube with Cosette on there. It was just for the picture. And it's a good thing we didn't because we hit some choppy water and our whole tube submerged!  Bela was totally freaked out, but Gideon went a few more times.
 The guys were trying to be stunt tubers or something.
 Bottle rocket launching.
 Happy baby!
 Cosette and Conner. Best buds.

The alpine slides in Midway were so fun!

Then, finally we were back home and it was business as usual...

Starting school:

Getting into stuff:

Nail polish!


Making fossils:

And making more babies:


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