Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Birthgiving! -- I mean Thanksday! -- er -- whatever...

Ammon and I may not be the sharpest tools in the box.

What? That's not news to you?!

Despite having the opportunity to "plan" each pregnancy so far without objection from divine authority, this is the schedule we've created for ourselves each fall:

September 20th - Gideon's birthday
October 24th - Cosette's birthday
October 28th - Our Anniversary
November 24th - Ammon's birthday
November somewhere-around-there - Thanksgiving
December 8th - Bela's Birthday
December 25th - Christmas

Thanksgiving did fall on Ammon's birthday this year and it was an interesting one!  That morning I woke up feeling a bit off. I made Ammon breakfast while the kids colored some cards for him, and it became increasingly apparent that I would not be going anywhere that morning. I thought maybe it was food poisoning. After we sang Happy Birthday, I sent Ammon and the older kids off to the turkey trot and went back to bed with Cosette. Normally this would have been quite devastating for me as I have a passion for food and particularly enjoy Thanksgiving, but with a quiet house and a newborn to cuddle with, all was well.

This year was Ammon's 30th birthday so I had planned a party that evening inviting a bunch of old friends that he rarely sees anymore and was determined to make it happen. I felt a little better that afternoon and decided to put myself together enough for dinner at my grandma's house. I have never eaten so little on a Thanksgiving day in my life! But I felt a little stronger and was ready to go home and get ready for the party. I woke Ammon up from his nap and thought he looked a little pale. Sure enough by the time we got home, he was shaky and queasy. He insisted we follow through with the party and it was a lovely evening. All of Ammon's "best men" from our wedding came with their families except the one who lives out of town, Justin.

Ammon and I were both moving a little slow on the party set-up. After I finished nursing the baby at one point, I went outside to set up and found it already set-up by Gideon and Bela. Pretty much every chair we own was out there surrounding the fire pit.

Unfortunately by the end of it, Ammon was laying on the couch and, shortly after the last guest left, lost all of his Thanksgiving.

Also on Thanksgiving, Little Cosette turned one month old!

Happy One Month!

The next day, after Ammon slept til noon, we went to Joe's Farm Grill for his birthday dinner and interview as has become our family tradition. 

Gideon brought some army men so we wouldn't be bored...

Ammon @ 30

What do you want to be when you grow up?: Business owner and university professor
Favorite Song: One Day by Matisyahu
Favorite Movie: Inception
Favorite Subject in School: Organizational Behavior
Best Friend: Mommy
Favorite Food: Thai, Curry, anything SPICY!
Favorite Vacations: San Diego & Disneyland
Favorite Activity/Pastime: Going to the lake
Favorite Memory: Cosette's Birth
"Tell us something about yourself": I'm in school now.

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  1. Those kids are such great helpers! Happy birthday, Ammon!