Thursday, April 12, 2012


Gideon's school spring carnival.

One of our proudest parenting moments to date was watching Bela scale this thing.

She was barely big enough to reach the next level, let alone get her little leg up there and pull herself through. It literally took her 5 minutes per level, but she never even wavered in her determination.  She has always been like that I guess.

Belas "Someday" Party 

When Bela's birthday came around this year (December 8th) in the midst of holidays and a new baby, I neglected to organize a party for her. When she asked me when it would be, in exasperation I told her, "I don't know, Honey!  Someday!" Since then she had patiently waited and invited half of Gilbert to her party "next someday".  Well, it's was about time that someday came.  For someone else it might not have been a big deal, but for someone like Bela the only reason for birthdays is an excuse to have a party. And if there is one thing Bela knows how to do, it is throw a great party! She knew exactly what she wanted.

New hair!

Cosette's carseat gets a makeover!

Playing bubbles with Dad. Time with Dad is precious right now. :O)

As always, poor Cosette gets NO personal space.

Gideon's scary 104 temperature!


Best way to burn all your tortillas for dinner: Tell the kids they can eat any burnt ones and then put them in charge of flipping. Works every time!

Ammon rocks the donut eating competition at a friends birthday.

Our temple is coming along.  We're so excited!

Had some friends from our old ward over for a BBQ.


  1. Welcome to the short hair club!!!! It looks great on you! Love your kids. We need to get together sometime this summer!! Come up and enjoy cooler weather:)

  2. And this is actually Kristen:) Didn't realize he had logged on earlier

  3. Love the updates!! Just a few follow up questions here...#1 What did Ammon place in the donut eating contest? #2 Was that climbing thing really as big as it looked? If so, we're extremely impressed with Bela! That's all. Love the updates and seeing what you guys are up to over there in AZ.